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I know you'd like to THINK that your _______ don't STINK, but baby, here's a way to prevent it all! Perspiration University or P.U. is a quick education on sweat & stink! A lot of sweat can be a good sign that you are putting in WERK! But the stench post workout isn't PRETTY! I'm sure you've heard of moisture-wicking fabric, which 99% of the activewear is made up of but did you know that there are some other brands that are educating their customers on different methods of anti-bacterial through their unique fabric technology!

Here's a little chemistry class so you know what technology can keep you smelling fresh like a daisy or atleast close to it!

1. SILVER LINING. Lululemon's patent pending silverescent technology is not just a coating they finish their apparel with, but this anti-stink fabric tech starts at the fiber. Each fiber is treated and woven to prevent bacteria from ever growing on the fabric ---NO matter how many washes! That's definitely worth the $$, am I right?

2. A SEISMIC IDEA. Pearl Izumi’s Minerale tech, is not only one of the newest to the market, but it's infused with a volcano rocks, which not only sounds super rad, but it also serves a purpose of speeding up your dry time and keeps your stench from sweating to adhere on your clothes.

3. SEE SHELLS. Pretty sure, when you think of shellfish, you definitely don't think about odor-free. But this environmentally-friendly option of crushed shrimp shells into activewear fabric is becoming more and more popular. Chitosan is biodegradable and has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. And the best part? Even someone with a shellfish allergy can wear this technology because of the way the chitosan is harvested -- I call that a WINNER! WINNER! Shrimp dinner!?!

4. COCO- LOCO. Is there really anything that coconuts aren't good for? They are good for your skin, your digestion, your hair, . . .and now your apparel! We already know that they contain an antimicrobial element, but who knew that activating the carbon in the coconut shells could add another eco-friendly odor-reducing technology to your favorite legging or sports bra. The best part is it regulates temperature, so it keeps you warmer when it's cold and colder when it's hot. Originally designed for hockey players, so you know this tech is GOAL-DEN! You can find it at Bauer.com.

5. UNSTINKABLE. No really, that is what Athleta calls their silver bead fabric technology. When you body produces sweat, the negative ions combined with the silver beads or instant odor-relief. And it does one better, it reduces the replication of the bacteria. So now, when you want to go grab a green juice with your friends after yoga, you won't have to worry about post workout pungency!

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