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Steal J.Lo's Gym Style

Don't be fooled by the rocks that she's got, she's still Jenny from the block. This 40-something bombshell puts time into her workouts and for good reasons. Have you seen her?? Her hardwork puts millennial bodies to shame! Well you may not be able to acquire all of her ASS-ets, but you can definitely take a few style pointers from her. Caution: Results may result in a sexy Latin former MLB player chasing after you! I mean is that a bad thing? LOL.

A-TEN shun. Camo print just makes you feel like the ultimate bad ass. Need some extra motivation when you are working hard at the gym?

Most designers over the years have recognized camo print as one of the timeless prints that will NEVER go out of style! They charge upwards of $200 for a camo printed tee, tank or hoodie.

Just go to your local good will and grab a camo tee, crop it, cut the sleeves off and wah-la! The DIY ultimate G.I. Jane look!

What does J.Lo say "Love don't cost a thing?" Well, your DIY project won't cost much either! Thats a WIN! WIN!

LIVIN' LA VIDA LOCA. Bright lights and a big, . . booty may be what J.Lo has to bring to

the table, but she does it with pops of neon color! Pump up your basic workout attire with fluorescent hints in your sports bra, trims of leggings, or your shoes. I've never met a person that is sad when they wear color, it's the ultimate mood lifter. Don't believe me just try it!

Highlight your wardrobe with yellows, pinks, and blues!

Not ready to bare your abs just yet? Opt for a mesh tee or tank to keep you covered. It's still sexy with a hint of modesty, just a hint!


Find a graphic tank or tee that really inspires you. Like this Lion that Jennifer is wearing. A lion is strong, fierce, and is the KING or in this case the QUEEN of the jungle.

Channel your inner spirit animal with a graphic of a creature that you share a kinship with. Is it a wolf? a unicorn? a shark?

What animal defines greatness for you? Wear that!

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