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The Skinny on Minnie

It's summer time and that means family vacations and fun! I am a huge Disney fan. I grew up in Orlando, FL and now that I live in SoCal, Disneyland is right down the road! But as someone who has made a promise to herself to hit her fitness goal this year, it can be a challenge to find healthy treats in the land of Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream, pretzels, and candy! I mean after all, it's Disney and they are the makers of every treat in your imagination. I mean you inner FAT KID gets excited just thinking about what snack you will get after surviving Big Thunder Mountain, am I right?

Well here are a few places that I found at Disneyland that will keep you on track and are still yummy! I live a fairly low-carb lifestyle, so I am always on the hunt for protein to keep me full while my friends nosh on cotton-candy. Believe it or not, almost each of the lands has healthy options! You just have to look and tell that inner Fat Kid to sssshhhhh!!! (I mean he/she gets to relive their childhood on the rides, they do not need to relive the poor food choices they made in the past!)


Well the Bengal BBQ in Adventureland certainly doesn't disappoint! Right across from Indiana Jones ride, lies the real treasure of a restaurant that is everything my Keto-heart craves. The chicken & beef kabobs are perfect portions and they have bacon wrapped asparagus spears! WHAT?!? How cute & creative is that? And it fits on my plan!

This was absolutely delicious and so filling, I didn't feel deprived at all. Definitely will be a regular stop for me from now on!

You won't need a Genie to grant you another healthy meal option, right next to Agrabah's Aladdin ride you'll find Tropical Imports, it's a quick grab'n go full of fresh fruit, pickles, hummus, pretzels, veggies/dip, and Mickey's Apple crisps. Why not grab a clean snack while you wait in line for Jungle Cruise (which is right next door!).

It's not a cheat, it's just a TREAT. Need a little sugar rush from all the walking around and waiting on lines? The famous Dole Whip is at the Tiki Juice Bar.


Next to the entrance of Big Thunder Mountain (which is still one of my favorite rides EVER!) is a south of the border restaurant with a few yummy meal options for those on the clean eating path. Try the 'baked' fish tacos or taco salad! I highly recommend to just pay attention to portions. The salad is big enough for 3 people. They also have free water and ice which is always helpful to stay hydrated throughout the day! Feel free to refill your bottles there as many times as you need too!

After playing on Tom Sawyer's island, you'll have worked up quite an appetite. If you and

your friends are looking for a sit down style restaurant, than River Belle Terrace restaurant is definitely recommended! There's quite a few options for soups, sandwiches and salads. Their house salad is definitely worth the price and packs a lot of flavor. Arugula, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, and cheese compliment your pocketbook and your waistline, while satisfying your appetite!


It's not a fantasy that you can eat clean at Disney, it's actually a reality! All that bobsledding and avoiding that Yeti (Abominable Snowman), you will be starved! Or maybe you need to refuel before taking on the Matterhorn! Be sure to stop over at Edelweiss Snacks for their turkey leg and chili-lime roasted corn! Two healthy treats that are both fun to eat, very instagram-worthy and will keep you full!


You won't have to starve yourself til the future to get your belly full of healthy food. The Galactic Grill has a Micron Burger that I had wrapped in lettuce (ask them for bunless), that fit perfect on my Keto diet. I skipped the fries and got an unsweetened ice tea. You don't have to ever feel that making healthier choices is limiting. Just be creative with it. Not eating bread? Ask for protein wrapped in a veggie! By the way, you aren't the only one in Cali that is watching their waist! 99.9% of us are always working on our summer bodies!

Here are a few other tips & tricks that help me every time I am at a theme park!

1. Stay Hydrated! Most parks let you bring in your own water bottle! This is sooooo clutch! Nothing is worst than spending $3-4 on bottled water, plus this way it's eco-friendly. Most restaurants inside the parks have water at the soda fountain or water fountains near most restrooms!

2. Opt for black coffee or iced tea with zero sweetner. You are sweet enough! Fewer chemicals in even the artificial stuff the better to reach your goals!

3. Choose ONE treat! If you love a pretzel, get a pretzel. But don't do the pretzel, Mickey ice cream, pizza, and cupcake! Allow yourself one splurge, you'll burn it off! I promise!

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