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Biker Babes

The 90's keep resurfacing, its as if we can't get enough of the decade that I lived most of my childhood through. We've seen the grunge plaids, the Blossom baby doll dresses, and the knee high socks from Clueless with the Doc Martens, but now activewear trends from the 90's are pedaling in. Bike shorts are trending and I don't know if I should celebrate it like a Kardashian or I want to run and cry?

Bike shorts bring back mixed feelings for me. They aren't the booty short type, they are the mid-length that we would wear under dresses or long blouses. I had a black pair that were by Body Glove and they had a pink stripe on the side. I wore them with my bathing suit underneath to the theme parks as a child and under short dresses to school. I never thought I'd see this trend resurface, but surprise! It's here and led by a Kardashian no less, so it's definitely not disappearing.

Here are some tips to wear them like a fashion pro:

1. Layering is key. In the 90's the working women wore them with oversized blazers, so definitely take a note from the past.

2. Oversized tops loosely belted with a strappy heel gives a feminine feel to this masculine short.

3. Elongate your figure by making sure your bike shorts hit you above the knee, mid-thigh. This is not short shorts-- they are a modest fashion trend.

Footwear Options:

The best part of this trend is that it is ACTIVEWEAR so you can definitely rock your favorite sneaker with it, but if you want to dress it up, a simple strappy summer sandal can take your daytime look to night with ease.

Here are a few of my favorite Biker Shorts:

Just My Size Bike Shorts ($9.98 - Size Inclusive)

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