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SkinnyPop Salmon Avocado cakes

If you are like me, then you know how much I love the Crispy Rice with either Spicy Tuna or Salmon at your favorite sushi restaurant. There is something magical about the buttery, crunchy rice and the yummy tender sushi on top. But sometimes it’s the only thing I crave. Instead of Postmates bringing it to me when I have a craving, I decided to see if I could make it at home a little healthier!

You know it’s all about the base,...bout the base! No trouble, sis! We got this! You can by all means use a mini rice cake —- you do, you! I wanted to use the SkinnyPop brand of mini popcorn cakes! Scroll down to see the calories on these bad boy! 120 for 22 cakes! Say what????

Yes! Please!

The sushi part can get tricky for some who don’t have a poke restaurant or a Whole Foods near by. I am fortunate that I have a Whole Foods near my house that has THE seafood department of my dreams!! They sell salmon, tuna and shrimp poke. You want sushi grade seafood. Do not attempt this with just raw fish you pick up, unless it’s cooked.


10 mini Popcorn cakes

1/3 lb of your favorite poke. I chose salmon

a medium ripe avocado

Everything But The Bagel seasoning


1. Place 10 mini popcorn cakes on a plate

2. In a food processor, place poke and pulse til smooth consistency

3. Carefully cut avocado in half and remove pit. With a fork, mash avocado in the skin.

4. Place 1/2 TBSP mashed avocado onto each mini popcorn cake, then 1/2 TBSP of the salmon poke, and top with a sprinkle of seasoning.

5. Enjoy! And if you decide to make these- tag @cardiocouture on social to show me.

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