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Here are the Lorna Jane bras that are currently on sale for BLACK FRIDAY that were featured in 80 Day Obsession! We can't promise they will have your size by the time you read this so shop now! 30% off the site this week & weekend!

2. MANTRA BRA. As seen on Calie Calabrese in 80 Day Obsession.

8. SEEKER BRA. As seen on Jazmyne in 80 Day Obsession.

10. HAVEN BRA. As seen on Jazmyne of 80 Day Obsession.

We bought the leggings in this pattern as well!

Hint: We paired these with those Salar pink/rose gold foil capris from Fabletics- click here.

19. EXTRAORDINARY YOGA. As seen on Katrina from 80 Day Obsession.

21. ATOMIC SPORTS BRA. As seen on Calie from 80 Day Obsession.

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