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The Men's Favorite Wardrobe from 80 Day Obsession

With 80 Day Obsession fast approaching, most eyes are on Autumn and her wardrobe, but as someone who worked on the set, I thought maybe the men who are doing this program could use some wardrobe tips! Donald & Richardson although exact same size in apparel definitely are not the same build. Here are a few of their favorite pieces from wardrobe.


I've had some of you write me some "not so nice" messages on social media saying you don't like the compression tights under the shorts on ALO and 80 Day Obsession, so first off, THANK YOU! (Just kidding, I wouldn't have a successful career of 10+ years if I listened to the opinions of people who don't work in wardrobe! LOL. Sorry, not sorry.) The guys on set loved these compression tights because 1.) They kept their junk under control and 2.) it helped with the bands from ripping out their hair on their legs.

The favorite brand that you'll see consistently throughout the workouts are by Defender. They come in multiple colors, you'll see I got them in black with blue, red, and orange contrast stitching for that added pop of color.

You will see Donald & Richardson each in a pair of camouflage leggings. Donald loved the ones from Nike and Richardson swears by the ALO Yoga brand.


The brands we used to show off their sculpted arms- Russell Athletics, C9 Champion at Target, Tesla, LuluLemon, Reebok, Nike, and BeachBody. We loved the muscle tanks, because it was flattering to both of the guys' bodies, but I did throw in a few tanks and tees as well.

You'll see a lot of different colors of tops:

Blue, Teal, Orange, Red, Green, Grey.

Have fun!


The conversation about shoes always confuses me. I know you all want the best shoe that will perform the best for you, however, just like undergarments, shoes are SOOOOOOOOO personal. Some of us have narrow or wide, flat footed, need arch support, plantar fasciitis, bunions, and so forth. So while I can recommend shoes for you that my cast loves, please keep in mind what is comfortable for them, may not be for you. The best way to to test out shoes is at the store, bring a pair of socks that you'd work out in, try the shoe, you may look silly but try jumping jacks or high knees to see how the impact feels. Most of the time if it's a cardio intensive project, you want to go up by 1/2 of shoe size so that your foot has room.

My guys loved the Nike Flex Running Shoe and Fly Knits.

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