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It smells like TEEN SPIRIT, well atleast this trend brings you back to high school or college days (and if you were born in 2000, well this was the style back then, so enjoy it now!) Another timeless trend, Varsity Blues. Think back to the 90's, yep, we are going back to the days when Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger ruled our closets, those street-wear vibes run wild with these key pieces. Here's how to go from street rat to GYM CLASS.

1. Avera Jacket

2. Varsity Sports Bra (Medium Support)

3. MPG Julianne Hough Kata Multi Strap Sports Bra (Max Support)

4. Beyond Yoga Varsity Cropped Sweatpants

5. Gel-Craze TR 4 Women's Crosstrainer

6. Adidas Adi Hoodie

7. Mesh Tee

8. Underwire Sports Bra (Max Support)

9. Side Stripe Pant

10. Nike Air Presto Sneaker

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