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No Sweat! (How To: Elevate A Sweatshirt)

Elevating a typical casual piece known for comfort and leisure seems peculiar, but if you treat it like a blouse and understand proportion it can be rather chic! The important thing to remember is a soft cotton or fleece sweatshirt needs balance or structure since the sweatshirt itself isn’t structured at all. It’s like opposites attract really. For me, this can be successfully achieved a few ways:

1.) Texture. Pair the sweatshirt with leather joggers or a satin mini skirt. This stylish combo can be lethal. Why it works: This has athleisure all over it, yet looks like something we’d see Gigi Hadid rocking in NYC to a meeting. Paired with pointed heels and a chunky necklace and the sidewalk becomes the catwalk in no time!

2.) Pattern. Polka dots, plaid, or floral can turn a boring sweatshirt into a real showstopper! It elevates it from mediocre to “gotta MEET her”. Very 90’s inspired, think Gwen Stefani, she may even amp up her style game with fishnet stockings under a plaid pencil skirt. This look can go from the office to cocktails with the girls with just some simple accessories.

3.) Silhouette. First we had structure, then we added flair in the pattern, but don’t dismiss what an A-line silhouette can do for the sweatshirt! Think Carrie Bradshaw. Comfy on top, social hour on bottom! Glamazons this is the time to bust out that long tulle skirt!

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