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How To Wash Activewear

Hey guys! I hit on this once in an IG Live video and the reaction was INSANE. A lot of people were like "Wait! What? I am washing my activewear wrong?" The answer is YES! If you are one of those that thinks everything gets tossed in HOT to kill the germs, you would be INCORRECT when it comes to activewear fabrics. Not all fabrics should be treated the same way!

Don't worry! I got you! I've dabbled in fabric technology. I developed a patent-pending technology that is antimicrobial and stain-resistant. I've looked at fibers under a microscope, so when it comes to activewear, you could call me a nerd, a passionate nerd! But my years of research will help you keep those pricey Lulu's in tact and for a long time. This is why one of the reasons its important to follow the rule of COLD water for not just colors, but the fibers as well!

1. RELAX & READ! Did you know that 90% of the activewear market's care instruction label say "Wash Cold"? Ever wonder why when you wash them in hot water, they seem loose and those "pilling" balls show up? You know those fuzzy balls that form in the knees or crotch area? That is the heat! Cold water relaxes the fibers-- so just RELAX and wash it on COLD!

2. AVOID SOFTENERS. Poly/Nylon/Spandex fabrics already are soft, so adding softener to your wash or your DRYER is another HUGE mistake that a lot of people make. The chemical in softeners forms a waxy coating on the garment, thats what gives you the softness-- guess what else it does? It locks in odor. YUK! Did you ever wonder why no matter how many times you've washed a certain sports bra, it still smells like you just got out of an hour of hot yoga? Yep! Stink is stuck!

3. WHEN IN DOUBT, AIR IT OUT. Most activewear will say TUMBLE DRY LOW. I say, if you have any doubt, let it air dry and then tumble dry low to get the wrinkles out quickly! Low Heat will not be as damaging as high heat.

4. HEY! PRINT(CESS). If you own activewear with beautiful prints or bright colors, wash them inside out! This really should be a rule for all clothing that you want to maintain the color & integrity of the fabric! It should be a no brainer, but I have a few friends (that will remain unmentioned- lol) that are confused that one leg is faded than the other!

5. GERMAPHOBE. Germaphobes should really LIVE in activewear. I know! You are like, wait a sec, Toni, germaphobes hate bacteria and sweat! But let me repeat myself, Germaphobes should LIVE in activewear. Did you know that the fabric content in 90% of leggings or compression tights include antimicrobial? Yep, your moisture-wicking fabric already keeps you dry when you are dripping in sweat, but at the fiber level, they are also soaked in an antimicrobial solution. This prevents bacteria from living or growing on the surface! Pretty cool, right? Germaphobes around the world celebrate!!

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