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5 Ways To Help You Keep Your 2019 Goals

New Year, new resolution? There's something exciting when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, every single year --it's the new beginning, a clean slate, 365 days to write a new chapter! And let's just talk about all the cute planners you can buy. Anything is possible now, let this be your fresh start. Forget about last year's struggles, fears, and upsets-- focus on declaring your intentions for 2019!

Usually after the excitement wears off, we are quick to abandon our resolutions. We'll get to it tomorrow, next week, next month and before you know it, it's midnight on December 31st all over again. You have a choice with your goals-- Day 1 or One Day!

Here's 5 Ways to Help You Keep Your 2019 Goals:

1. START SMALL. Nine times out of 10, we get so enthusiastic that we tend to choose the biggest, most intense, aggressive goal possible. As great as it is to DREAM BIG, it's best to be realistic and start small. It's easier to think backwards, so declare your BIG DREAM and then list the smaller goals that will get you there. Slow and steady wins the race. It helps to keep it all in perspective.

2. MAKE IT VISIBLE. Vision boards are a great visual reminder of who, what, where, and why. Be specific, be clear, and be honest. One of the most common reasons why goals aren't achieved is because they are too vague. Plaster the Eiffel Tower if you've been dying to go to Paris. It's important to put this board in a place you will see daily. I have mine behind my bedroom door, so I see it every morning when I wake up, when I walk out of my bedroom, and before I close my eyes every night.

3. FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER. A friend that sets goals together, kicks ass & slays their goals together! Everything is better when you have the support of someone else. Sure you are a badass that can conquer any goal solo, but what fun is that? It's always better when you can cheer on your friend and vice versa. Checking in on your friend daily or weekly is up to you, but this accountability is the key!

4. 10 MINUTES A DAY. If you have multiple goals in various categories, it can get pretty overwhelming! Take a deep breath, you got this babe! Spend 10 minutes a day on each of your goals, that's it! Over time, you will start to put more focus on the goals that are really your priority. Remember we are never too busy for anything, it's just not important. Plain and simple. Want abs? Then make sure you spend 10 min a day working on your abs. Pro Tip: Set a 10 min alarm on your iPhone to stay on track!

5. BE REALISTIC. The most common reason why you FAIL at your goals is because sometimes the goal you've chosen isn't RIGHT for you. Spend some real time thinking about what it is that you want and WHY. The most important part is the WHY, it always is and always will be. No matter what, your WHY has to be so solid and so unshakable that you feel it in your DNA. Your WHY is what keeps your motivated when you get tired, bored, or insecure.

I don't believe in resolutions, I believe in declarations. In 2018, leave behind who you were, what you were hoping to be, . . .in 2019, start your goals or vision board with I AM!

Those two words are extremely powerful. So, it's 2019, who are you? who is it you will be this year? what will you accomplish? If there was zero chance of failure-- what would you do? where would you go? Focus on that, instead of the negative and your 2019 will be better than your wildest dreams! Happy New Year!

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