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Dear Younger Self

A few years ago, I caught an interview with Tyler Perry where he shared an exercise where he wrote a letter to his younger self. I was intrigued. He said it helped him heal from his past. So I tried it. We all have dark demons from the past and moments of PTSD that we can’t seem to escape.

And after I did it, it worked! It brings so many tears down your face. Tears that help cleanse away all the hurt and all the pain. And the sense of relief if gives you is like lifting an elephant off you.

I wanted to blog about this because FebYOUary is about so much more than flowers, red hearts, and bon bons. I saw a lot of my female friends bitter about LOVE. I wanted to offer a solution. To write about what it is that has you so sad about that holiday or in general.

Benefits for Writing A Letter To Yourself

Through writing my letter, I discovered many benefits that I had not expected.

•It helped me to heal parts of my past and gave me closure on difficult periods of my life by taking the time to give myself the love and understanding that I needed at the time, but did not receive

•It helped me to forgive myself and others for the pain and upset I experienced

•It helped me to gain clarity about areas of my life that are still being affected by my past as well as areas where I am not following my own advice

•It helped me out of my funk by increasing my happiness, strengthening my self-esteem and giving me inner peace

•I can now share my knowledge and advice with others who may be in need of support and inspiration.

Tips on How To Write A Letter

•Be real and authentic. Be clear what age “you” you’re writing to.

•Pick a period of your life that still bothers you, that was particularly challenging or an aspect of your personality you struggled to accept, understand or develop

•Talk to your younger self in a way you would speak to a younger sibling or a dear friend – i.e. be compassionate, loving and empathetic

•Speak directly to your younger self using “you”

Writing it all down on paper can be so therapeutic. You do not have to share this with anyone. I shared my letter with a few friends, my brother and my Mom. My brother cried when he read it because he didn’t realize how hurt I was from a certain situation that took place in our family. It gave him clarity and also helped him make a vow to never be like my Dad and to make sure that Ava (his daughter) wouldn’t go through the same feelings I went through.

So give it a shot! It’s not easy! Find a quiet place, let it out girlfriend! What would you say to the Younger You? What advice about your life that you know now would help her? Be motivational. Be courageous. Let the healing begin! You are worth it! Xoxo

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