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Not Getting Better? Here’s Why.

As many of you all know, I’ve been battling a chronic head cold for months and have gone to doctor after doctor until I finally got relief by going to my naturopath! 

If you have been sick longer than 2 weeks (bc the average cold is now up to 2 weeks recovery time), here’s a few reasons why! you can’t get better! 

1. You are Dehydrated. Most of us don’t even drink nearly the amount of fluids we are suppose to drink a day to begin with, but when you are sick your body needs even more. Pro Tip: Water, green juices & tea. Drink Up! 

Avoid sodas, coffee, and sugary fruit juices, because they are dehydrating. 

2. You Are Treating It Wrong. Yes, it’s true that most cold-like viruses have similar symptoms, not all medicine especially over the counter will work for everything. There’s no one and done. Up your vitamin C and echinacea to give your immune system a boost! 

3. Too Much Stress. We all deal with stress but be gentle with yourself when you are under the weather! This is the time to assert your power of “No!”. Your friends and family will understand. Decline those girls nights or friend’s kid’s birthday party and relish in some self care! 

4. Not Enough Rest. Did you know that the body does the most repair when you are asleep? How cool is that? Make sure you are getting to bed early, shutting off your electronic devices and getting naps when you can. Your body will thank you! 

5. You are overdoing it. When your body needs hydration and rest, killing it in the gym everyday shouldn’t be your priority. It’s ok to delay your workouts until you clear your chest congestion. Don’t over exert yourself, right now your body is telling you to slow down! So listen! 

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