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Vegan Crunch Wrap Supreme (& Cashew Queso)

Photo by @pinchofyum

Ya'll know that I love a good FAKE OUT! TAKE OUT! This recipe is the perfect Re-Mix for those of you who love that popular Mexican fast food chain (the one that rhymes with Baco Tell.). I had never had one from that establishment but was intrigued by the structure alone. I had seen tons of recipes for this, but wanted to test it out with Beyond Meat. Dave Anderson is the brilliant chef behind this brand. Plant-based protein is the future for those of us who want to reduce the amount of animal protein we consume OR maybe you have been a vegan for a long time.

I am not sponsored by Beyond Meat, but saw the popularity of their Beyond Burgers and discovered the crumbles in the freezer section of Sprouts. I was intrigued. Could it really be like ground beef? Would it have the same texture? Could it hold up in a recipe. The answer to ALL of those questions is YES!

I was absolutely blown away! I have been a carnivore since I was in my Mama's womb. Tacos have always been one of my favorite foods! I celebrate Taco Tuesday like it's a real holiday. C'mon you know it should be! But now I have a way to enjoy it with a plant-based lifestyle! Flavor this Beyond Meat anyway you want. Next I am going to flavor it Asian style because I am allergic to chicken as a substitute for lettuce cups which were one of my go-to take-out meals. (Stay tuned for that!) But until then, please try these.

As someone who was raised by a chef father, my palette is super sophisticated. I love flavor! I am Italian too! I was raised with flavorful, fresh, and delicious food. Don't believe me? Ask my friends. They call me the Rachael Ray amongst them. I am the one who cooks Easter dinner, hosts BBQs, and they even pay me to make them food since most of them can't cook!

If you make this FAKE OUT! TAKE OUT! for your family- be sure to tag me in it @cardiocouture! Show me your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, and children enjoying it! The way this recipe is flavored, even the pickiest eaters would be fooled!

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