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3 Ingredient- Rose’ Gummy Bears All Day

Yes, you heard that right, Rose’ and Gummy Bears! And ONLY 3 ingredients! I’m hanging with a bunch of adults for Easter his weekend, so I decides to make my gummy bears a little tipsy!

If you are making these for your kids, just substitute fruit juice for the wine,...super simple!

First things first, you will need these adorable little molds! You can buy them on my Amazon shop: They are under $10 and you’ll be wanting to make these all the time! Soooo easy! And I’ll even be adding collagen to these in the near future. (Don’t act like you haven’t seen those influencer pushed Hair Gummies, can make them at home!)

Makes 50+ Gummy Bears


1 c of your favorite Rose’ (I love Babe Rose’)

1/4 c of Swerve or whatever sweetener you prefer (honey, agave, coconut sugar work too)

1 TBSP of Agar Powder (you can buy this from my Amazon Shop too, scroll up for the link)


1. In a medium sauce pan, over medium heat, combine all ingredients. (DO NOT boil)

2. Whisk til all sweetner and agar powder are dissolved.

3. Remove from heat and pour liquid into a Pyrex measuring cup or glass bowl.

4. On a parchment lined cookie sheet, place gummy bear molds flat.

5. With the dropper, begin filling the molds with Rose’ liquid. Repeat this step til all molds are filled completely.

6. Put trays in freezer for 2 hours or until they are set up completely. (The bears pop out easier when frozen.)

7. Gently pop bears out of mold onto a plate. Let thaw completely. Perfect gummies!

8. Store any leftovers in air tight container.

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