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Thin Mint Re-Mix (Allergy Friendly)

I wasn't a girl scout, nor did I ever really love the cookies. Even in adulthood, I support those Boss Babes in the making by dropping a $20 in their jar and told them to give my boxes to someone in need. I was always watching my waistline. So you can imagine, never in a million years did I think in my thirties, I'd even want to try my hand at making those little sought after works of art!

But I love a thin mint in a freezer, my ex use to keep them there. It was the most refreshing yummy bit of mint and chocolate. But I can only imagine the ingredients. I'm going to guess that they are made with flour of which I am allergic!

I experimented with a bunch of these recipes for so-called Vegan Thin Mints, except I needed them to go one step further! I needed them to be Grain-Free too!

According to the Girl Scouts of America's website, their Thin Mints are Vegan, but still contain over 13+ ingredients including: Wheat, Soy, and Sugar! That's great, but I need my cookies to be cleaner, but still pack the same flavorful punch, without adding "Caramel Flavoring" or "Cornstarch".

My naturopath always tells me the fewer the ingredients the cleaner and better. I agree! I saw recipes with 4 ingredients to 14 ingredients! I think 6 for cookie batter and 3 for the coating is fair. Try these! They are kid-friendly (my friend's kids couldn't tell the difference!), boyfriend/lover friendly (even my friend who love "junk food" were fooled, family friendly (my Mom was in awe!).

When you make them, tag @cardiocouture on social so I can see!

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