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Sooner or later, the King's of Activewear, like Nike and Adidas had to become "throwbacks". Retro Adidas logo tees and hoodies were one of the most popular pieces last year. Now there's a new crop of men's activewear brands giving even #1 UnderArmour a run for their money! For over a decade, those activewear anchors have been holding down the activewear space. Activewear was into influencers before the rest of the world: THE ATHLETE.

And with catchy phrases like "JUST DO IT." Why wouldn't you have been wearing your Jordans aspiring to be like Mike? This generation of NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK in men's activewear have some innovations worth taking notes on. From fabric technology to fashion brands with a humanitarian missions, here are the disruptors in the Men's Activewear space that you should definitely be paying attention too (and wearing also, because they are pretty cool!)


Vuori is built to move and sweat in, yet designed with a West Coast aesthetic that transitions effortlessly into everyday life. Breaking down the boundaries of traditional activewear, we are a new perspective on performance apparel.


At Outdoor Voices, our goal is to inspire more people to be active on a daily basis. We believe the future of athletics is not about being there first, but about showing up most often. By eliminating the pressure to perform, we’re building a community of exercisers who approach activity with ease, humor and delight. We call this Doing Things — and are committed to the highest quality apparel to get you out there.


At Tracksmith, their philosophy is simple: NO DAYS OFF. NDO is written predominantly throughout the site, and why not! Motivation + Clothing = WIN! WIN! They believe in knowing your WHY and remembering it as you attack your goals. Whether it's run in sub-freezing temperatures in the winter or on a hike in the middle of summer, they have apparel that suits the ACTIVE person!


Ten Thousand apparel will not only give you 10,000 reasons why they have been successful, but they are pretty much guaranteeing that you will forget all about that other activewear company that has a sour fruit in its name. They only sell tees and shorts. I know what you are thinking, so does everyone else? But their fabric technology is color-fasted, durable, moisture-wicking, and if that doesn't impress you, well, how about their partnership with luxury fitness company Equinox? If it's good enough for Equinox to carry it, it's definitely doing something right! You can K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Silly) and still come out on top!


Inspired by a group of Weekday Warriors that were tired of the lack of mens activewear apparel choices, they set out to make it their mission to change that! It wasn't just about aesthetics, they wanted fabric that would endure. Their mission is clear to remind men to push just a little harder, set the goal, and raise the bar even higher to achieve greatness. Specialized technical fabrics combined with fashion, form and function- this is your premium performance line.


At EYSOM, it's about THE EXPERIENCE in all aspects of living ACTIVE. They celebrate the man who lives in the present. They honor the freedom of working out at HOME, THE GYM, and wherever else your life takes you. They live to love. To Experience. To Inspire. At their core, they want you to be the MAN that you are!


Founded by a SoCal fit couple, who believes that everyone has a message and deserves an apparel line that celebrates a lifestyle no matter what your age, size, color, or weight. Quality is KING at Sweat With Soul, their fabrics are selected to be the most comfortable, best fit, and easy to wear. Their IG definitely celebrates the SoCal lifestyle and their healthy appetite for all things fashion & fitness.

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