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Week 3: Consistency

Consistency is KEY! That's one thing I've noticed, I don't know if I have ever worked out straight for 6 days a week before consistently until now! I am being honest. Even if the program was a 7 day program, I'd take 1-2 or 3 days off! Yep! Guilty as charged!

And like most of you know, I do eat a ketogenic diet and prefer to do intermittent fasting, that has also been a change. I started to eat like this from the day after Thanksgiving til now. I have had to adjust like most people have too, but it's the ONLY thing that has given me freedom and kept me in check. See it's never the workouts for me. I am a former division 1 athlete, so training actually becomes fun for me, but the diet part is a different subject until now. I know most of you reading this have very certain strong opinions on keto (you are entitled to them, all I ask is that you practice one of the Golden Rules, you know the one your mom taught you? "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all?") I'll never tell you that you should follow my meal plan, nor will I tell you the containers don't work (because they do!) There is a diet for every single person, but one thing I learned is that you have to stick to one!

Who else is keeping track via a wall calendar OR planner? I have to be organized or it wouldn't happen. I am busy, so I have to schedule my workout accordingly. But it's kinda fun to cross of each day!!

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