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Week 4: Progress

Progress OVER Perfection. I am the first to raise my hand and say "Hi! My name is Toni and I am a perfectionist. I strive my hardest to be the best at whatever I am doing, if it's washing dishes! It's just in my competitive DNA." It's not always healthy to feel or behave that way. But the minute that this quote "Progress Over Perfection" came across me, it really helped me create a discipline to know that it's not about being perfect, because perfect doesn't exist, so be proud of your PROGRESS.

I haven't been weighing myself weekly. I hit a really bad plateau in January for 2.5 weeks. I had family deaths & insomnia, probably the worst combination you can imagine! My cortisol levels were through the roof. I didn't gain, but I know I didn't lose either. That's when I stopped weighing myself. I vowed to wait until end of Phase 1.

End of Phase 1:

Down: 22 lbs since Day after Thanksgiving using 21DFX, ALO, & 80 Day Obsession.

Diet: Ketogenic + IF.

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