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80 Day | Calie | Day 1

You guys asked, so I answered. I will be doing this a little differently though. I am not going to break it down into 3 categories. Only 1, the Replica (which I will do my best to keep Budget-Friendly & Size Inclusive), but atleast this gives you an idea of how to recreate the look I originally styled Calie in!

(Please keep in mind, 80 Day Obsession began filming in August 2017, a lot of the styles used are no longer avail.)

Sports Bra: Her Own Lorna Jane (over 2 years old)

Leggings: Wunder Under Pant by LuluLemon

Shoes: Sketchers


Sports Bra: Under Armour Strappy Back Sports Bra

Legging: Speed Up Tight Luxtreme

Shoes: Sketcher's Women's Ultra Flex

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