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Haute Dog

Our furry friends love the warmer weather just like we do, but did you know that their safety needs change. It's important that our four-legged members of our family stay safe during fireworks, BBQs, and beach days!

1. Puppy Proof by the Pool. Just like with toddlers, puppies and doggies can get curious about the pool, especially if you are in it with your friends and not paying attention. Did you know that not all dogs know how to swim?

2. People Food is for People. That's right. Even though these little guys are carnivores, that doesn't mean they need to try Uncle Larry's famous BBQ tri-tip kabobs. Small pieces of burgers without the toppings can be ok, but did you know that little dogs pancreas can't process spicy and fatty foods? My shitzu once got into the garbage after our BBQ and went into pancreas failure after eating some BBQ smothered scraps. So the less people food the better! (Plus it will save you the stress of a $500+ vet visit or nearly killing your precious Petunia!)

3. Loud fireworks can startle almost anyone but dog's definitely will be on the defense. Leave them inside the house while you enjoy the sky spectacular. While they are inside, leave tv or radio on for a slight distraction. It's even better to leave them in the room they feel the most secure in.

4. Sunscreen is for Scooby too! Well its always a good idea to bring an umbrella to the beach and sunscreen for yourself, but your pup can use a little sunscreen too. You can gently massage into their scalp and back especially on dogs with straggly hair. Sunburns are no fun for humans, so imagine how your doggie would feel. Sunscreen washes out when you get home, so it's better to be safe than sorry!

5. H2-OH YES! Hot weather makes everyone thirsty. Make sure your pets have plenty of fresh water at all times. If you pack 2 water bottles for yourself, pack 2 more for them as well.

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