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Star-Spangled Shorts

It's been a while since I've done a craft project with you all. But this time, I wanted it to be fashionable. A lot of us have jeans that may need a crop and if not, you can transform any shorts you have in the closet or from the GoodWill too! This craft literally costs under $10. I've even included a shopping list, so that you know exactly what to buy! There's something cool about recycling your wardrobe though--- so I highly suggest doing this to one of your pre-owned pieces soon! This craft is great for kids & you can even let the little boys add the star stencils on their jeans. The only limitation is your creativity.

What You'll Need:

Old pair of shorts (can be denim, white, black, blue, etc-- just make sure they are cotton.)

Painter's Tape

Fabric Spray Paint or tube (white & red)

Sponge or Brush

Star Stencils (literally under $3 --->> click here


1. Spread newspaper, paper bags, or plastic and secure on a table outside.

2. Place shorts on table with the side you want to paint. I did the front, if you want to do the back pockets, that is fine too. Just make sure it's facing you.

3. With the star stencils, secure placement with painter's tape on the jeans so that it lays flat.

4. With a steady, sweeping motion, spray the white paint over the star stencils. Start lightly, you can always add more layers. The lighter layers, the quicker it will dry!

5. Let dry for 15-20 minutes. Go do Joel Freeman's LIIFT workout. :)

6. Gently remove the painter's tape and lift the stencil to see the most beautiful stars. If your stars didn't come out completely perfect, it's ok, because distressed is what we are aiming for!

7. On the other side with the painter's tape, lay the tape whatever direction you want, horizontally, vertically, diagonally, whatever suits your fancy. Create stripes with the painter's tape, leaving 1 inches between the tape strips.

8. With a sponge or a paintbrush, use the red fabric paint and paint between the painter's tape. Again, go with a light to medium thickness of paint. And don't make it perfect, remember it's even better when it's not solid.

9. Let it dry overnight.

10. Remove the painter's tape strips to reveal your beautiful red painted stripes!

Wear a cute tank top or t-shirt and you are ready to fireworks!

When you have had your fun in these shorts, just keep in mind these care instructions:

1. Wash these inside out.

2. Wash on cold with like colors.

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